//Desert dreams//

 photo 678F284F-A8B6-4999-9997-F015E591D0A0-1239-000003E35051815B.jpg  photo 883158E4-FD4F-4FC1-B59D-F7F2890F82A2-1239-000003FAA32602E6.jpg  photo E34E3943-C651-4358-B330-30D6561119C9-1314-00000400B332D143.jpg  photo 5C0500A8-E25E-4071-A629-756329A1C3E7-1478-000004427C26CEC7.jpg photo 97F92979-C7CC-427F-8B7B-2759FA2D14B5-1687-00000485A4749FF7.jpg  photo 480FC962-B694-4E01-8206-15469BD2BA62-1687-000004858ECFFC55.jpg  photo F9847DFB-5DFA-41B7-85D6-0DF9A75757BF-1687-000004857941EF3F.jpg I made every effort out of my body to make it to this photoshoot for clothing line ODYLYNE, only because the day before I was sick with this ratchet cold that is going around. I was able to get the day off so I made sure that no other plans were going to interfere. LA has been pouring rain like stupid crazy and the one day it was dry and partly sunny it starts to kick up again when the moon peaks through. I laid in bed thinking, " great no photo shoot!" but turns out the team proceeded anyways!! Rain or shine there was a collection that needed to be shot in the freezing desert sands of Lancaster! The weather turned out to actually be perfect for every shot!! To be quite honest it's my favorite to shoot in... Wet dewy.. Cloudy weather! We froze our butts off and I prayed every minute for these rad models that totally WORKED it wearing literary nothing! All I have to say is that when ever Im assisting for any ODYLYNE shoots... It always turns out to be a moment of laughter, productivity, fun memories to remember!


Jasmin Sade said...

i love looking at photos that are taken in wet dewy days also, i atually always wanted to do my first photoshoot in that particular weather. nice photos doll :)

Visions through my retina said...

Thank you!!!! Jasmin!!