photo 9DABF054-8239-4C46-9399-9EFAC53DB6CC-1687-00000494D4092666.jpg  photo 02050720-70B7-4B55-9632-F7D6333535D5-1687-00000494D35D4431.jpg  photo 37AD5529-0BBF-4A7E-A0E6-764E428E5128-1930-000004DDF97E7FE3_zpsa0e1afc2.jpg  photo 8739ED33-2CFF-4120-BF5B-9A87A4BDEF6A-1930-000004E024C1064E_zpscabbfed0.jpg  photo 27C8E3FF-71A5-4277-9FA2-3BEB533E8B49-1930-000004DDF9F45C5A_zps4b89d69b.jpg  photo 58DB66C7-6B10-47F6-99C0-A176F2475F54-1687-00000494D3B70AD6.jpg My monie....moonie...Monica lol! Traveled up the high mountains of Griffith park to take a few beautiful shots! Glammed her up in some beautiful ODYLYNE ..and took a risk in a no trespassing area! I'm so glad we knocked out these pics before we got busted by a park ranger!! As we shot these photos we came across some beautiful deers and ferocious coyotes! We got our butts out of there! Traveling back down the hill we stopped by our favorite coffee spot in the hills, "trails" coffee, tea and pies! We grabbed a few lavender cookies..lattes and talked until sunset.

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