// LA art shw 2013 //

 photo 65E4AB2C-F754-4A2E-8ACC-68FB675E9B7A-1478-00000442B30CC83B.jpg  photo F87D1F8A-AF97-45DF-BF92-1956B22F3317-1687-000004859A90C9CE.jpg  photo 9B9105ED-66C1-4277-B099-334F5AD2D62C-1687-00000485832B4820.jpg I was invited to take a stroll at the LA art show of contemporary, historical and modern art which was held in DTLA. Attending exhibits like this means that sometimes you just have to pop in your headphones bump your favorite jams and get inspired!!! Start soaking in all the art and recreate your own either at home, in your heart or even in your dreams! Tunes in my ear: Toro y moi: THE WHOLE ALBUM!!!! (anything in return) Jose James: bird of space // actually that whole album too!! (no beginning no end)

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